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This course is designed for workers who will be leading in-house instructor led training programs.

Upon completion of this program participants will be able to facilitate training on their desired equipment, if applicable, in both classroom settings and practical evaluations.

What can you expect from our class?

Participants will learn the following skills to successfully complete their desired training:

  • Appropriate classroom set up

  • Student and Instructor introductions

  • Proper explanation of participant rules, course outline and requirements

  • How to present material to participants clearly

  • Good practices for engaging with participants

  • How to research the subject to ensure proper knowledge of material being presented

  • Answering questions about the presentation and material

  • What cues to look for with participants such as hot/cold, tiredness, etc.

  • How to review material with participants including correcting wrong answers on tests to ensure knowledge has been retained

  • How to properly evaluate participants during practical evaluations

  • Debriefing of students upon completion of practical evaluations

  • Completion of required paperwork when courses are finished

Participants will receive the following with the course:

  • Training by IWCT certified instructor

  • Fully editable PowerPoint presentation of the desired course including instructor notes

  • Sign-in sheets

  • Training acknowledgement forms

  • Practical evaluation forms

  • Equipment inspection forms

  • Student workbook x1. Additional student workbooks can be purchased from IWCT in increments of 5. Min. order of 5

Course duration: 2-3 days

  • Day 1: Operator training – participants will be trained on the equipment by a certified instructor from IWCT

  • Day 2: Instructor training – participants will be trained on how to present course material

  • Day 3: Presentations – participants will present a mock training course to a certified instructor from IWCT

Upon completion of the In-house Instructor Program an initial audit is required from IWCT within 6 months and every 3 years thereafter. These audits are to ensure that participants are conducting adequate training programs to their students.

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